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Advantages of Athmed & Aesmed Laser Hair Removal Machine

Advantages of Athmed & Aesmed Laser Hair Removal Machine

Issue Time:2019-11-29

Advantages of Athmed & Aesmed Laser Hair Removal Machine

1.Athmed & Aesmed Laser Hair Removal Machine adds water detection hardware

   Water quality is a key issue in semiconductor laser equipment. However, the equipment on the market basically makes qualitative judgments on water quality, without substantial judgment. We have directly added hardware detection of water quality to the system to ensure that the water quality of the cooling water in the system meets the conditions of use of the laser, to avoid misuse and misuse of the cooling water, to solve the problem of blocked microchannel lasers, and to minimize the burning of the laser Bad risk.
2.Replacement of filters

    The use of filters in semiconductor laser equipment is inevitable. However, there is only a qualitative time limit for the filter replacement time (3-5 months replacement). At the same time, most of the designed filters are basically placed in the equipment, and special tools are required to remove the filters. This also causes the filter to be replaced in a timely manner, which is also an important cause of laser problems;
     Athmed & Aesmed laser hair removal machine, using chip filters, strictly control the exact use time of each filter to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of filter replacement time; meanwhile, optimize the structure of the equipment, and turn the filter into a component that can be manually disassembled by anyone This greatly reduces the professionalism of filter replacement; in this way, the timeliness of filter replacement can be completely guaranteed, and the risk of laser damage is reduced;
Water pressure and water flow of Athmed & Aesmed laser hair removal machine
    Athmed & Aesmed laser hair removal machine optimizes the entire waterway system of the equipment to stabilize the water flow rate at 3L / min (0.5L / min higher than that of ordinary manufacturers); and adds pressure control measures and performs real-time detection of the water pressure at the laser inlet to ensure The laser works under the maximum cooling parameters to maximize the heat dissipation of the laser, thereby improving the stability of the laser operation and increasing the service life of the laser;
4. Reasonable use of lasers

1) Reasonable use of large pulse widths
    Athmed & Aesmed Laser Hair Removal Machine strictly adheres to the duty cycle index of micro-channel lasers (duty cycle used by most manufacturers exceeds 40%), controls the laser's energy output and duty cycle within a reasonable range, and reduces the laser Possible thermal damage;
    We can do 80j / cm2 at 1Hz, 16j / cm2 at 10Hz and 28j / cm2 at 6Hz; this energy is enough for hair removal, and avoid unnecessary high duty cycle to reduce the risk of laser thermal damage . The energy table is as follows:

Spot Size12×12mm2

Luminous frequency


Maximum energy density (j / cm2)



  2) Laser hardware protection

   Athmed & Aesmed laser hair removal machine, add all the way to the hardware input protection function of the laser input, perform direct hardware protection on the laser input over-voltage and over-current protection, and protect the laser in all directions to avoid the risk of laser over-voltage and over-current Reduce the failure rate of the laser.
5, cooling power

   Athmed & Aesmed laser hair removal machine adopts a radiator with a large heat dissipation power, which is sufficient to ensure that the water temperature of the system is below 33 ° C (ambient temperature is 28 ° C) (this is 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary companies), ensuring the heat dissipation of the laser to reduce the laser Thermal damage to increase the life of the laser;
6. Control system optimization

    Athmed & Aesmed laser hair removal machine, real-time detection of the input current and voltage of the laser power supply, real-time detection of water temperature, water flow and water pressure, and read out directly on the operation interface, so that the operator can find the problem in the first time without entering the background detection;

    Optimize the self-inspection system to realize the automatic determination of most hardware faults, which is convenient for after-sales engineers to repair;

    In addition to maintaining the power supply's own detection function for the laser input, it also adds its own designed hardware detection to ensure the stability of the output power and avoid the risk of burns as much as possible;
7, The life of the laser
   Athmed & Aesmed laser hair removal machine, the hand tool promises a 10M shots / 1 year luminous warranty.
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