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What is fiber coupled diode laser hair removal machine?

What is fiber coupled diode laser hair removal machine?

Issue Time:2019-12-02
   The light generated by multiple diode laser is coupled into a single-core multimode fiber by microlens array, in order to deliver light to the target place. This innovative design assures uniform energy distribution, low damage rate, long lifespan and easy maintenance of the diode laser.
What are the advantages of Athmed & Aesmed's fiber-coupled laser hair removal machines?
   1)This fiber-coupled diode laser module is a more stable design than the vertical stack design module which now is widely used by other diode laser machine. Now in the market, the diode laser module is in the handle probe. Because the first important application of the handle probe is for operation by the operator, so the handle probe has to be designed so small and light. And then the heat radiation space for the diode laser stack becomes so small. So the main problem of these kinds of laser stack is overheating. And but for fiber-coupled diode laser machine, the laser stack is in the host of the machine which has a good and big space for the heat radiation. So to solve the overheating problem become much easier. And because we have enough space, then we could combine more diode laser bars together to reach a high laser power. Then we do not need to use a high power laser bar, we could use the matured low diode laser bar. And then the stability could reach a very high level. Break one into pieces, each piece just is responsible for a reasonable power. Then the overheating problem totally is solved.

  2)We combined all the laser beam into one fiber. And this fiber will conduct the laser beam into the handle probe. Because of the fiber conduction, so there almost have not any light loss. So the photoelectric conversion rate is higher than other design. Less consumable, but more energy output.

  3)Because of the fiber conduction, the output laser beam quality is much better than others. And this good quality laser beam would give much better results than other designs. You could get much better effects on the hair removal treatment.

  4)The fiber-coupled diode laser system also has an extra TEC cooling system with water recycling. It keeps the recycled temperature around 25 degrees which is the best work temperature for the laser diode.
And for this fiber-coupled diode laser, we give 20M shots warranty(in one year)
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